Top Five Ways to Promote Vemma

Okay, so let's say you've signed on to the Vemma community and are excited to get involved in your own business marketing the best energy health drink around. Congratulations! You've taken that very important first step toward reclaiming your own independence and joining the thousands of others who have succeeded in working for themselves. Not everybody who joins Vemma does it on their own, however. Behind every great success story is a supportive network of caring people who walk with you and guide you toward your goals.

Once you receive your marketing information Vemma, you'll probably ask yourself, "Okay, now what do I do?" How do you go out and get others to try delicious Vemma and Verve drinks and help you sustain your business? We all know word of mouth is the best, and most economical, form of advertising, but after you've told friends and family to pick up a fridge pack of Vemma shots or Verve cans, what next?

Vemma Experts offers a number of helpful suggestions to jumpstart your entrepreneurship in the profitable health drinks industry. When you join the Vemma Experts you'll receive invaluable information, but for now we're happy to preview a few tips to get you moving:

Go Viral! Every time you send an e-mail to a friend or acquaintance (and who doesn't send at least one out a day?), you have the opportunity to promote your Vemma business. Set up your e-mail signature file so that it includes a tag line about Vemma - you could get really creative here ("Feel healthier and younger with Vemma. Ask me how!"). Then, include the URL of your official Vemma partner page. With every mail you send you're inviting friends and family to discover the greatness of Vemma for themselves.

Get Online! While all Vemma team members are given their own Vemma/Verve page through the corporate Web site, you don't have to stop there. You can create your own specialized site for your personal Vemma business. You can structure it to market Vemma regionally or locally, and even attach a blog to share your personal experiences on how Vemma helps your health. A domain doesn't cost much, maybe ten bucks or so a year, and if you go with a budget provider like GoDaddy or HostGator you can build a nice home base for your marketing purposes. Add original content, look into inexpensive advertising options like pay per click and you just might find a strong following to your site.

Get Social! Web sites and blogs are good to have, but if you use Twitter and Facebook you definitely should integrate them into your Vemma business! You don't have to bombard friends with constant praise of the products, but use the social networks to seed information about how two ounces of Vemma daily gives you more nutrition than a whole grocery bag of fruits and veggies...that's sure to get followers to want to learn more.

Take a Drive! Seems everybody has a giant magnet on the side of their car advertising something, so why not do it yourself? For next to nothing you can order a custom car door magnet advertising your Vemma store (sites like Vistaprint are a good place to start). Include your Web URL or phone number, then start driving around town like you normally do. You'd be surprised how well those signs catch attention.

Be a Billboard!  Sites like Vistaprint also make customized t-shirts, so when you're not driving be sure you're seen in a shirt advertising your Vemma site. Don't forget the old adage, too - only endorse a product you'd use yourself. When you go out to the park or a festival, take along a few cans of Verve or a Vemma shot to enjoy. Instant conversation starter!

This is only the tip of the iceberg where marketing ideas for Vemma are involved. When you join the Vemma Experts community today you'll receive so much more support from people who love Vemma and want a happier, healthier world. Join the winning team and make that happen for yourself, too!

五大如何促進 Vemma

好 了,讓我們假設你就簽訂了Vemma社會很高興能參與在自己的企業市場營銷的最佳能源健康飲料左右。祝賀!你所採取的非常重要的一步走向自己開墾 的獨立和加入數以千計的人誰已經成功地為自己工作。不是每個人都加入Vemma誰它自己,但是。每一個偉大的 成功背後的故事是一個支持網絡誰富有愛心的人與你走,並引導您實現您的目標。

一旦您收到您 的營銷信息Vemma,你可能會問自己:“好吧,現在我該怎麼辦?”你是 如何走出去,讓別人嘗試美味Vemma和Verve飲料,幫助您保持您的業務?我們都知道口碑是最好的,最經濟的,形式的廣告,但既然已經告訴朋友和家人拿起一包的Vemma 冰箱桿或神韻罐,何去何從?

Vemma專家們提供了一些有用的建議,啟動你的創業精神健康飲料行業盈利。當您加入Vemma您將收到專家的寶貴資料,但是現 在我們很高興能預覽一些提示讓你移動:

去病毒!每次您發送電子郵件給朋友或熟人(誰不發送出至少一天?),您有機會來宣傳您的Vemma業務。設置您的電子郵件簽名文件,以便它包含一個標記行約 Vemma - 你可以在這裡得到真正的創意(“健康和年輕的感覺與 Vemma。問我如何!”)。然後,包括您的網址正式Vemma合作夥伴頁面。每您發送電子郵件,邀請你的朋友和家人發現偉大的Vemma自己。

上網!雖然所有Vemma隊員給自己的Vemma /神韻頁通過公司網站,您不必停止。您可以創建自己的專業網站為您的 個人 Vemma業務。你可以到市場結構 Vemma區域或當地,甚至附上一個博客分享您的個人經驗,就如何Vemma幫助您的健康。域成本不高,可能10美元左右,一年,如果你去一家供應商的預算或HostGator的像 Godaddy美國主機指南,您可以建立一個很好的基地為您的營銷目的。添加原始內容,研究廉價的廣告 功能,如每次點擊支付的,你也許會發現一個強大的內容到你的網站。

獲 得社會!網 站和博客固然很好,但如果您使用Twitter和Facebook的你一定要把他們到您的Vemma業務!你不必不斷轟炸朋友們稱讚的產品,但使用的社會網絡種子有關 如何2盎司的Vemma每天為您提供了更多的營養比整個食品袋,水果和蔬菜...這肯定會信徒想了解更多信息。

以一盤!似 乎每個人都有巨大的磁鐵在一邊而他們的汽車廣告的事,為什麼不自己做?明年的訂單沒有任何可以自定義廣告車門磁鐵您Vemma商店(網站,例如Vistaprint是一個好 的開始)。包括您的網站網址或電話號碼,然後開始駕駛城鎮周 圍,通常不喜歡你。你會驚奇地發現這些跡象以及吸引注意力。

一個廣告牌!網站喜歡 Vistaprint也使定制的T恤衫,因此,當你不開車肯定你看到你的襯衫廣告 Vemma網站。不要忘了一句古老的格 言,太 - 只有通過一個產品,您必須使用自己。當 你走到公園或一個節日,隨身攜帶幾罐神韻或Vemma桿享受。開始談話的瞬間!

這只是冰山一角下的營銷思路Vemma涉及。當您加入Vemma專家社 會今天您會收到這麼多的人更加支持誰愛 Vemma,並希望更快樂,更健康的世界。加入獲獎團隊名單並做到這一點,為自 己,也!

喜歡 VEMMA 維瑪的自動跟進系統嗎^^? 迎您立即免費試用90天喔^^!

現在就可以立即開始 Vemmabuilder 系統幫你賺錢!!

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