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thumbnail DVDStyler 2.2 免安裝中文版 - VOB轉DVD光碟或ISO
May 14th 2012, 14:29

免費DVD產出軟體 - DVDStyler,可以直接把用格式工廠轉出來的VOB檔轉成含光碟選單的DVD光碟(或ISO檔),功能媲美「TMPGEnc DVD Author」,還內建轉檔功能,可以加入AVI、MOV、MP4、MPEG、OGG、WMV影片,一次完成選單、轉檔及燒錄。(阿榮)(刀仔推薦)(

[2010.05.11] 版號雖為,但軟體的「關於」視窗仍顯示。
[2010.05.31] 1.8.1 版不含中文語系。
[2011.09.01] 版號雖為,但軟體的「關於」視窗仍顯示。
[2012.05.14] 2.2可攜版起改用阿榮自製 Loader。

DVDStyler is a cross-platform free DVD authoring application for the creation of professional-looking DVDs. It allows not only burning of video files on DVD that can be played practically on any standalone DVD player, but also creation of individually designed DVD menus. It is Open Source Software and is completely free.

關鍵字:DVDStyler Portable, vob to dvd, ifo, bup, mpeg2 to dvd


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thumbnail OutlookAttachView 2.31 免安裝版 - Outlook附件檔檢視工具
May 14th 2012, 14:09

Outlook附件檢視、另存新檔工具 - OutlookAttachView,能夠掃描Outlook的PST檔後列出附件清單,方便檢視或將多個附件另存新檔;可以自訂時間範圍、副檔名、收件者、寄件者...等搜尋條件,以便快速找出需要的附件檔。(阿榮

OutlookAttachView scans all messages stored in your Outlook, and displays the list of all attached files that it finds. You can easily select one or more attachments and save all of them into the desired folder, as well as you can delete unwanted large attachments that take too much disk space in your mailbox. You can also save the list of attachments into xml/html/text/csv file.

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thumbnail Freemake Music Box 離線安裝版 - 線上音樂搜尋播放軟體
May 14th 2012, 14:03

另類的音樂播放工具 - Freemake Music Box,當你輸入某個關鍵字的時候,它就會依關鍵字自動搜尋網路上的合法線上影音網站,並且將最佳搜尋結果自動歸類成音軌(tracks)、專輯(albums)、歌手(artists),利用它的內建播放功能可以暫停、快轉,也提供播放清單功能,播歌的同時也可以看到線上影片!(阿榮

[2012.01.20] 由線上安裝版改發佈離線安裝版。
[2012.02.18] 目前此工具尚無音樂下載功能。

Search for free online music. Listen to millions of online songs. Organize your music collection in a simplest way. In one place, absolutely free, no region restriction.

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thumbnail System Explorer 免安裝中文版 - 取代工作管理員
May 14th 2012, 13:03

系統管理診斷軟體 - System Explorer,可以取代Windows內建工作管理員,它有好用的特殊功能可以協助電腦的病毒檢測:安全檢查(Security Scan)功能可以將系統檔案送交雲端檢測(exe/dll/sys),發現可疑的處理程序可以上傳SystemExplorer.netVirusTotal網站進行分析或掃毒,還有管理自動執行程式、監視網路動態...等功能頁。(阿榮

System Explorer is free, awards winning software for exploration and management of System Internals.
- Detailed information about Tasks, Processes, Modules, Startups, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Windows, Services, Drivers, Connections and Opened Files.
- Easy check of suspicious files via VirusTotal, Jotti service or our File Database.
- Easy monitoring of processes activities and System changes.
- Usage graphs of important System resources.
- Tray Hint with detailed System and Battery status
- WMI Browser and System Additional Info
- Multilanguage Support

關鍵字:System Explorer Portable

[中文化教學] [安裝版]


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thumbnail iSpy 中文版 - 把電腦變成監視器
May 13th 2012, 16:45

把電腦變監視器 - iSpy,可以將筆記型電腦或者桌上型電腦的攝影機鏡頭及收音裝置變身為實用的監視器,還是自由軟體!可以於公司使用,它的錄製模式有點像行車記錄器,數十秒的影片會自動存成一個有標示時間的MP4檔(自動分段),並於影片分段時自動擷取畫面JPG圖檔,不管是影片或圖片都自動內嵌時間,錄製的聲音也可以儲存成MP3檔,還可以設定影片總容量及存活時間,讓硬碟不至於爆掉,還可以搭配iSpyServer將監視影像透過網路、手機遠端觀看。(阿榮


iSpy uses your cameras, webcams, IP cams and microphones to detect and record movement or sound. Captured media is compressed to flash video or mp4 and streamed securely over the web and local network. iSpy can run on multiple computers simultaneously and has full Email, SMS and MMS alerting functions and remote viewing.

[教學] [iSpyServer教學]

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thumbnail DVD slideshow GUI - 把照片轉成影片
May 13th 2012, 16:18

圖片轉影片 - DVD slideshow GUI,能夠把相片直接燒成DVD影片,使用方法很簡單,用【Add Slides】加入相片、【Add Music】加入背景音樂,用【Preview】預覽產出的影片,【Export Slideshow】匯出影片,【Burn DVD】則是直接燒錄成DVD影片光碟(須搭配ImgBurn燒錄軟體)。(阿榮)(


* PAL 4:3
* PAL 16:9
* NTSC 4:3
* NTSC 16:9


* Iso DVD
* DVD folders
* Mpg (Video+audio)
* M2v (Video)
* Mp2 (Audio)
* Ac3 (Audio)
* Avi (video)
* Avs (Avisynth)
* Gfd (Gui for Dvdauthor - DVD Menus)
* Flv (Flashvideo)
* Srt (Subtitles)
* Ssa (Subtitles)
* Storyboard(html)
* Chapters as smpte(txt)
* Chapters as frames numbers(txt)

DVD slideshow GUI offers a very simple way to make your own slideshows. Just import photos and burn them as a slideshow on a DVD!

But DVD slideshow GUI is packed with features:
- 192 different types of transitions.
- 72 Effects you can add to the entire slideshow.
- 15 Motion Backgrounds(avs).
- Animate your overlapping images using zoom, pan and rotate.
- Add photos and EXIF data and alpha channel.
- Add videos(avi/avs) to you slideshow.
- Add music, motion backgrounds, borders and subtitles.
- Make your own transitions, effects and motion backgrounds.
- Export to dvd video(PAL/NTSC 4:3 16:9), dvd audio, dvd chapters, dvd subtitles, avi, flash for web, avisynth script, storyboards, single images with backgrounds, etc.


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thumbnail File & Image Uploader 6.2.3 免安裝中文版 - 免費空間上傳工具
May 13th 2012, 15:44

免費空間上傳工具 - File and Image Uploader,可以將你想分享的檔案上傳到超過250個免費空間,其上傳速度會比網頁或者原始上傳工具來得要快!對於純粹想提供多個下載點的人來說是相當方便;不過免費版在使用上仍有一些限制:無法將檔案上傳到自己帳號、一天只能上傳10GB、一次最多同時上傳8個檔案、或許上傳會有速限,若對作者捐款就可以收到註冊碼來解除某些限制。(阿榮

[2012.03.23] 感謝讀者「紫婷」通知改版訊息。

Try the newest program for uploading files.

* The most comprehensive and the best program of its kind
* Supports more than 250 servers (Czech and international)
* Possibility to use premium accounts
* Possibility of parallel uploading
* Usually much faster then uploading via browser or original file-upload tool
* No ads*, easy to use, multi-language environment
* Technical assistance (possibility to add functions, servers at the request)

關鍵字:z_o_o_m’s File & Image Uploader,z_o_o_m's File Uploader


※中文切換方法:【Language】→【Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)】

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