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thumbnail [新進軟體] BurnAware Free 4.9 免安裝版 - 可以直接把MP3燒錄成音樂CD的全方位燒錄軟體
Jun 1st 2012, 14:30

功能強大且支援藍光光碟的燒錄軟體 - BurnAware Free,可以將MP3燒錄成一般音樂光碟,製作開機光碟或產出ISO檔,將ISO、CUE檔燒錄成光碟,製作可開機光碟、ISO檔,抹除可覆寫式光碟,體積雖小但功能齊全。(阿榮

BurnAware Free is a full-fledged, easy-to-use, free burning software which allows users to write all types of files such as digital photos, pictures, archives, images, documents, music and videos to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. With BurnAware Free, you also will be able to create bootable or multisession discs, high-quality Audio CDs and Video DVDs, make and burn disc images, copy and backup discs.

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thumbnail CurrPorts 2.01 免安裝中文版 - 檢查程式使用的Port
Jun 1st 2012, 14:29

通訊埠聽診器 - CurrPorts,某個執行中的程式在本機開啟那個連接埠?在遠端開啟什麼連接埠?用這個程式讓你一目了然,可以應用在電腦抓毒上,判斷有沒有中木馬程式,也可以供網管人員設定防火牆參數的參考。(阿榮)(

[2010.05.11] 上次更新:2009/11/8。

CurrPorts displays the list of all currently opened TCP/IP and UDP ports on your local computer. For each port in the list, information about the process that opened the port is also displayed, including the process name, full path of the process, version information of the process (product name, file description, and so on), the time that the process was created, and the user that created it.
In addition, CurrPorts allows you to close unwanted TCP connections, kill the process that opened the ports, and save the TCP/UDP ports information to HTML file , XML file, or to tab-delimited text file.
CurrPorts also automatically mark with pink color suspicious TCP/UDP ports owned by unidentified applications (Applications without version information and icons)


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thumbnail [新進軟體] GeekUninstaller 免安裝中文版 - 取代IObit Uninstaller的好用軟體移除工具
Jun 1st 2012, 03:48

介面簡潔的軟體移除工具 - GeekUninstaller,是方便可攜的單一執行檔軟體,用來取代從來沒有好用過的Windows解除安裝程式功能,能夠在移除軟體後主動追蹤掃描殘餘的檔案、資料夾、登錄檔,讓系統保持乾淨,可以按照安裝日期、程式名稱、大小來排序,支援強制移除又有程式關鍵字搜尋功能,很適合經常安裝移除軟體的玩家。(阿榮

Standard removal program leaves tons of leftovers on your PC. GeekUninstaller performs deep and fast scanning afterwards and removes all leftovers. Keep your PC clean! Use Force Removal for stubborn and broken programs.

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thumbnail Dev-C++ 免安裝中文版 - 免費C/C++語言程式設計工具
May 31st 2012, 16:26

學習 C 語言要先付一大筆費用給微軟買 VC++ 來裝嗎?免啦!這套免費且開放原始碼的 Dev-C++ 就夠你受用一輩子了,「還沒賺到錢就得先花錢」是阿榮最不喜歡作的事!多虧了世界上有了這麼一些自由軟體創作者,感恩!(阿榮

[2011.10.01] 改發行非官方版,出處:Orwell's Engine

loodshed Dev-C++ is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C++ programming language. It uses Mingw port of GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) as it's compiler. Dev-C++ can also be used in combination with Cygwin or any other GCC based compiler.

關鍵字:Orwell Dev-C++

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thumbnail 3DP Chip 12.05 免安裝版 - 羽量級驅動程式下載軟體
May 31st 2012, 16:11

驅動程式下載工具 - 3DP Chip,自動偵測你的電腦硬體規格(CPU、主機板、顯示卡、音效卡),直接按設備名稱,就能夠連到該軟體的網站下載適合的驅動程式,可以省去找驅動程式的時間。(阿榮

3DP Chip will enables you to enumerate devices and download the latest device drivers with few simple clicks. Problems with detecting your devices, finding device drivers to setup your system is worse than Blue screen of death. Everest and Aida32 doesn't provies you a device drivers and they are still heavy.

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thumbnail Yahoo!奇摩即時通 離線安裝中文版 (免安裝版) - 初學者愛用的即時傳訊工具
May 31st 2012, 15:09


[2010.06.07] 感謝讀者「1a2b」通知改版訊息。
[2011.09.03] 推出11.0.0.2014免安裝版。

Yahoo! Messenger - Chat with friends for free and enjoy stealth settings, video calls, PC calls, file sharing, photo sharing, SMS, emoticons, & more.

關鍵字:雅虎即時通,Yahoo! Messenger,Yahoo! Messenger Portable

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