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thumbnail HttpWatch Basic Edition 8.4.12 - 網頁載入速度測試軟體
Jul 16th 2012, 14:56


[2008.12.14] Pingdom Tools,這個網站也可以線上測出網站中詳細的讀取速度。

HttpWatch is used in a wide variety of companies and industries for tasks such as:

* Testing a web application to ensure that it is correctly issuing or setting headers that control page expiration
* Finding out how other sites work and how they implement certain features
* Checking the information that the browser is supplying when you visit a site
* Verifying that a secure web site is not issuing sensitive data in cookies or headers
* Tuning the performance of a web site by measuring download times, caching or the number of network round trips
* Learning about how HTTP works (useful for programming and web design classes)
* Alowing webmasters to fine tune the caching of images and other content
* Performing regression testing on production servers to verify performance and correct behavior

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